10 Reasons Why Having A Group Of Girls You Like Makes Life So Much Better Who needs a boyfriend when you have girlfriends like mine?

I’ve never been the type of girl who doesn’t get along with other girls. Sure, there are always going to be certain people that you just don’t click with, but generally speaking, being able to maintain a few different solid girl squads over the years is something I’m proud of. Don’t get me wrong – I love my guy friends to death too, but it’s most definitely a different type of bond. I find that having a solid crew of girls helps to make life so much funner – especially when you’re a single in your twenties trying to survive in New York City.


Here are a few of the infinite reasons why having a group of girls you like makes life so much better:

  1. It’s always someone’s birthday.


No matter what month of the year it is – it always seems like there is some reason to celebrate. And what better way to bring in a new age than with your best girl friends? Everyone is always down to get a little extra dressed up than usual for the occasion, and if you’re lucky enough to be the star of the night – get ready to have your confidence boosted. No people know you better than your girlfriends and they always know just the right compliments to give to make sure you’re feeling extra on point.


  1. There’s always someone to chat about embarrassing life things with.


How do girls who only surround themselves with boys survive without this? Whether you have a story about an embarrassing encounter you had with a boy (or anyone for that matter) or if you’re having an embarrassing day when it comes to your bowel movements (it happens to the best of us) – your girls are your outlet for talking about it. And you never have to worry about it not being a judge-free zone because you have just as much dirt on them as they have on you. How do you know if you’re normal if you can’t compare your weirdness to the weirdness of other girls?


  1. So many clothes.


You never have to worry about not having an outfit because you have so many closets to work with. Just make sure your friends don’t have a terrible sense of style. If they do – that sucks. Throw ya girl a magazine because she’s got some reading to do. If this isn’t a two way street, that could definitely get annoying.  


  1. They’re not afraid to give you some tough love when it’s needed.


If you’re being super annoying, or overly emotional, or just a plain old bitch – there’s no one more willing to tell you than your girls. You can always trust them to let you know when you’re being the worst version of yourself or when you’re wrong about a situation. Getting older means being able to listen to constructive criticism and grow from it. There’s a comfort in knowing that you have a tight group of people who always want you to be your best self. It also helps you to grow closer as friends when you don’t have to worry about telling them when they’re getting on your nerves just because you’re afraid of being rude.


  1. You’ll always have a wingwoman.


No matter whether your friends are single or taken – you’ll always have someone to be your wingwoman if you meet a cute guy out at the bar. Of course best case scenario would be if they’re single too so that they can talk to the guy’s friend (premium case scenario if his friend’s cute too!), but it works when they have a boyfriend too because they’re not worried about finding their own man and they can just pimp you out. It works either way and definitely comes in handy.


  1. Free therapy.


Having a group of girl friends means always having someone to talk to about the things that are tough. And they’re always willing to listen to you talk about the same things over and over and over again no matter what. They know you well enough to know what to say to help you cheer up and are willing to make themselves available in emergencies. And when you have a big group of friends with all different opinions – you know exactly who to go to depending on what it is you want to hear. It seriously saves me so much money.


  1. Sushi isn’t as fun alone.


They always feed my sushi addiction because they’re just as addicted to it as I am. It’s fun to try new places and gossip over spicy tuna rolls. Enough said.  


  1.  People to explore with.


I’m always looking to find new places and try new things and my girlfriends are always around to go on explorations. This could mean traveling around New York City or traveling the world. We all want to experience things and get more out of life. Having people to do things for the first time with makes me less afraid to take risks.


  1. Group chats!


Some would argue that group chats are annoying but I personally think they’re the best thing since sliced bread. We can all get the 411 on each other’s lives in seconds and it eliminates having to tell the same story 87 million times to make sure all of your friends know. I also love group chats because they eliminate cliquey-ness. It never feels like any two people in our group are being exclusive or closer than the rest of us because we are all talking as a group all the time. If you get a side text from the group that’s excluding someone, you know some shits about to go down.


  1. There’s just always someone there.

There’s a comfort in knowing that you’ll always have someone who’s there no matter what. Not just for emotional support but also to just hang out with in general. We all learn from each other’s experiences. That could mean anything from teaching each other a new recipe, how to apply winged eyeliner, or what not to say to a guy when you want him to text you back. Having a girl squad means not being alone.

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