A Beautiful Wedding for Josh and Ally And The Roller Coaster of Emotions When The First of Your Friend Group Gets Married

This weekend was filled with laughter, tears, and a lot of wine. Not only was my friend Ally the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen (not that I’ve seen all that many, but still), but her hubby Josh was so adorably affectionate he had us all sobbing within .5 seconds of the ceremony. Thank god I brought tissues (because of course I’m always the mom-friend who comes prepared).


Before I get into all the nitty-gritty details about the wedding itself, let’s discuss what it feels like when your friend decides to get married at twenty-four:


First initial thoughts: Holy shit. I mean, I’m not gonna beat around the bush here. She’s aggressively young to get married, right? Does saying that make me a jerk or a bad friend? Is the fact that I really could not wrap my brain around it just a tell-tale sign that I’ve obviously never been in real love? Does the fact she grew up in North Carolina and I grew up in New York have anything to do with our differing opinions on this subject? Not sure the answer to any of those questions. If you have any ideas, you can let me know if the comments because I’d honestly love to learn.


Don’t get me wrong, I was extremely happy for her from the second she sent her ring in our group text (obvi) announcing the engagement, but I won’t lie about my feelings of skepticism. She was planning a wedding and I was moving back home to my childhood bedroom – something just seemed a little off.


First thing to do here – book a flight to NOLA for the bachelorette party, DUH! Now I’m not going to get too into the bachelorette party because it was so long ago, but I will say this – IT WAS A TIME! If I have one piece of advice to anyone planning a bachelorette party in New Orleans, it’s to coordinate outfits and make sure everyone looks hot – free bottles all night. The weekend was a bonding experience and really started a camaraderie, if you will, amongst all in attendance in Ally’s honor. We went four months before the wedding so it gave me a lot of time to further mentally prepare myself for the day I was going to need to change her name in my contacts. I will bless you all with a few of the PG-13 rated photos I have from the weekend. You’re welcome.



















Also – we met Channing Tatum’s cousin, so there’s that:


Now for the wedding. It was a small, intimate ceremony and reception in the mountains of Hendersonville, North Carolina – two hours away from Charlotte. Everything had an adorable DIY pinterest-y vibe and everyone loved it.


The Venue: The Cabin Ridge

This place was soooo beyond beautiful. The views made for amazing pictures, the sunset was unbelievable, and the little cabins for the bride and groom to stay apart before the wedding were so cute and outdoorsy. As you can probably tell, I’m not at all a nature girl, but I was feeling like Eliza Thornberry this weekend and I didn’t hate it.

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The Accommodations: Cabin life

All of Ally’s friends got cabins from Airbnb that slept like 16 people. It was so fun to be able to stay together. We had a hot tub. We partied the night before and after wedding. It was cheap. It was 4 minutes from the venue. Couldn’t have been more perfect.


The Ceremony: short and non traditional

The ceremony was over within thirty minutes and we were all grateful because it was unusually hot out and we were dripping sweat. Josh started sobbing the second he saw Ally – it was so cute and obvious how happy he was which put all of us at ease to give our girl to him. They both recited vows and Josh’s were better – sorry, Ally.


The Bridesmaids: little cherubs in baby’s breath flower crowns

They all looked so gorgeous in their dresses which were all different styles to compliment their body types – LOVE! They were wearing flower crowns made of baby’ breath to mask how not innocent they all are and it worked. They’ll all be able to wear their dresses for another occasion if they want to which is a major plus. And extra props to Ally for only making them spend $150 on them.


The Reception: or at least what I remember

There’s a weird NC law that prohibits you from drinking liquor outside or something (I don’t even really know – it’s stupid) so the wedding only served wine and beer which was kind of a bummer for people like me who love vodka. However – we made it work and Josh made some excellent sangria that everyone was raving about. Ally chose to keep it casual so it was buffet style and there was no assigned seating. This was nice because everyone was up and about bouncing around mingling all night. You didn’t feel like you were taking someone’s chair when you just plopped somewhere to catch a breath from dancing. The food was great – my favorite was the mac and cheese! They went with a DJ who played a lot of the typical wedding songs, but I could’ve used some Drake in my life if I’m being honest. You can only take so much “Shout” and “Don’t Stop Believing” – some more top hits would’ve been fun. I think about 15 people had to request “Closer” by The Chainsmokers before he finally played it at the end. Like you’re a DJ, how do you not know that’s a jam?! Hendersonville….*eye roll*


All in all, we had a great night and we were all so happy to see how happy Ally was. I walked away from the wedding completely at ease about Ally’s decision. Am I ready to get married? Hellllll no. But that doesn’t mean that it was the wrong decision for her. That’s one of the things I’m learning about your twenties. You start to realize the differences amongst your friends as you’re all becoming adults. Some people mature more quickly than others. We’re at the age where some of us are starting new lives and some of us can’t resist hooking up with that hot guy from college and that’s totally fine – because we’re in our twenties and there are kind of no rules. It’s a total free for all as we all figure our shit out. I’m happy that Ally found love that she’s willing to dedicate her whole life to. I’m sure my day will come, but for now – another vodka soda please!




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