Random Question: What Does It Mean When A Guy Messages You On Snapchat? Or does it just mean nothing....?

Being a millennial means having to navigate all these new forms of communication at a time in our lives when communication is the key to basically everything. So now something as simple as talking turns into something so difficult and frustrating that it feels almost like too much effort because I just don’t know how to respond.


So here’s my question: What does it mean when a guy messages you on Snapchat, but doesn’t really necessarily text you?


Think about it – the message doesn’t come until after they’ve seen a picture of you. Could have been on your story, or you could have sent it to 20 people on your top friends list, or you could’ve caved and just sent him that selfie because you were craving a little attention. I’m willing to admit to all of the above for the sake of this question. But what does it mean when they continuously message you on Snapchat, but then never bother to text you? It’s not like Snapchat is the app for making plans. I mean, all of the messages delete – so you’d have to be rewriting everything down so you don’t forget the details of the plans you’re making. If you genuinely want to make a plan to see someone – I’d argue that texting or calling (my preference!) is most definitely the way to go. 


So what’s the point of it? To just keep yourself top of mind in case you possibly ever might want to make plans sometime? Is there such a thing as being “Snapchat-zoned” and we’re just never going to be able to be in a place where this turns into anything more? Should I just delete you now??


Or am I just crazy and it all just means nothing? I’m genuinely asking….

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