Random Question: What’s the proper etiquette when it comes to paying the bill on a Bumble date? Or any kind of date for that matter…

So I think we can all agree that it’s been a pretty common topic of conversation lately that dating apps have completely changed the face of dating these days. Talking to new people has been reduced to the simple act of swiping left and right, and it seems as if we have a flood of options of suitors right at our fingertips. Not gonna lie, it can be a major ego boost at times! But with this comes a new set of rules – and of course it’s left to the hands of the millennials to figure out what those rules are.


So question – What on Earth is the proper etiquette when it comes to paying for the bill?


A lot of the time, when you meet up with someone from a dating app, it’s for drinks. This keeps it light and casual and doesn’t put too much pressure on the situation since this is the first time you’re meeting this complete stranger in person. So am I supposed to pay for my own drinks since it’s pretty mutual that we decided to take this shot in the dark so to speak and meet up? Do guys think I’m being rude if I don’t offer to split the check? It’s not an uncommon occurrence that a meet-up for drinks could be the one and only time you ever meet – so it seems like guys have this aversion toward spending their money on these casual rendezvous.


My friends and I have split opinions on this subject. I personally always offer to split the bill because I don’t want to be rude – and a lot of the time, these guys are totally fine with letting me pay. But my friends usually just don’t offer and let the guy pay. It seems I’m going about this the wrong way when taking my wallet into consideration…


Of course when I’m offering to pay, I want the guy to tell me I’m crazy and how could I ever even think about having to pay! But that doesn’t happen majority of the time. There have been guys who just grab the bill and put down their card as soon as it comes, and that’s definitely a plus in my book. It’s a turn on when a guy will just take charge of the situation and have the awkward encounter be avoided completely.


I also tested this one time. I was on a date with a guy who I knew to always have me pay for my portion. He would have me venmo him actually – which my friends and I decided is totally odd FYI. So one time he asked me out to dinner and I decided that when the bill comes I’m just not going to say anything and see what happens. We sat there staring at the check for a solid 2 and a half minutes before I couldn’t stand it anymore and had to speak. So I said, “The bills here, what do you wanna do?” Haha I’m so subtle.


He picked up the check, examined the bill and responded, “Venmo me forty.”



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