Random Question: Why do girls bother wearing uncomfortable shoes to bars? I have a hard enough time getting guys to process my name let alone my footwear…

Every weekend I go out and notice some girl who is obviously uncomfortable in her shoes. Now I agree that there is definitely a time and place for heels, but I question why girls bother to wear stilettos out to bars.


Think about it – going out requires being on your feet for hours. After walking around to bar hop, running to catch cabs, and crushing it on the dancefloor, I’m pretty sure my iLife app step count would be in the thousands (I’ll have to test this this weekend). So who in their right mind would ever want to do that in 4 inch heels? Now maybe I’m a bit biased since I’m five-foot-seven and don’t need the extra height, but I think I’d rather be short than have to ice my feet for three days straight following a night out.


Girls always dress to impress so the obvious answer to this question would be “to look good.” But ladies, I’m going to challenge you back on this one. FOR WHO?! Let’s not kid ourselves here. We all know that boys are not looking at our feet. I have a hard enough time getting guys to process my name and repeat it back to me let alone take note of my choice of footwear. I’ve also had multiple guys tell me that they never notice what a girl has on her feet. The bars are dark and we’re crammed in like sardines majority of the time. It’s just not something they notice.


So I think that girls are dressing for girls. We have this constant need to one-up each other. I’ll admit that I constantly judge what other girls are wearing. I notice it, decide if I like it, decide if I’d wear it, and decide if I want it. I don’t do it to be mean or judgmental – it’s just a reflex. It’s inspiration and an observation of trends. But, nonetheless, I think a major portion of female security comes from pleasing other women.
Like I said, there is a time and a place for heels. When you’re going to a wedding or another black tie occasion, going out somewhere fancy where you’ll be sitting, or going on a hot date, go for it. Rock those heels and accentuate those sexy legs. But when we’re out at sweaty NYC bars, I swear that comfortability is way more important than getting the A+ from the other girls running around the Lower East Side. I cringe when I see girls limping around, clearly uncomfortable in their heels. My roommate has even been known to take off her shoes and walk home barefoot. Not okay….

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