St. Lucia @ Terminal 5, NYC An impulsive purchase with no regrets

I’ve always been an impulsive person. If I see something I want, I get it for myself. It doesn’t always work out well, but this time it was meant to be.


A few months ago I happened to be on a St. Lucia music binge at work. I was feeling sad about the fact that they were one of the bands I missed at Firefly when suddenly I got a Bandsintown notification about their show at Terminal 5. The show wasn’t for a long time but tickets were under $30 so I was immediately sold. I purchased two, figured I’d find someone to come with me later, marked my calendar, and put the idea on the back burner. So last week when I saw that the day was here, I was totally taken off guard. I had forgotten all about the concert and was pleasantly surprised when I remembered my impulsive purchase a few months ago. I forced my friend Michele to come with me (after being turned down by not one but TWO different boys I might add) and we prepared ourselves for a totally awesome and spontaneous night.


Terminal 5 is a good venue. It’s easy to get to – just a short walk from the ACE on 57th and 8th. It’s large enough to fit a decent sized crowd and has three different levels so people are cheering over balconies. Yet at the same time it’s still intimate enough where you feel like you can really connect with the band’s energy. The bars didn’t feel over crowded and it didn’t take too long to get drinks and the bathrooms were stocked with anything you might ever need. 


We got there pretty early – just before 8pm when the tickets had a 7pm start time. We honestly should’ve gotten there even later, but at least we didn’t have to wait on any lines to get in. But of course we had a hold up (the easiness of the night so far was too good to be true). My friend has a North Carolina ID and the bouncers were totally confused by it and convinced it was a fake. They made us stand there and wait while the bouncer went inside to scan it at the bar. I appreciate the levels of high security at such a scary time in the world, but we felt like we were 18. But all turned out fine, we got our bracelets, and headed straight to the bar. Once we got there we saw the blaring sign saying “cash only.” Ughh…..TO THE ATM!


Finally got our beers, found a good spot on the dance floor in front of the stage and settled in for the opening act. Not gonna lie, they were kind of weird. But then I was kinda weirdly cool with it at the same time? The band was SOFI TUKKER. I had never heard of them before last night but I did a little homework today to find out what the heck was going on with them. The guy, Tucker, was on track to become a basketball star when something medically related happened and halted his career. He taught himself how to produce electronic music and dj while we was recuperating and then eventually met Sophie when she was singing in a warehouse. She was born in Germany and grew up between Canada and Italy. The two decided to start collaborating and so their band was born. They had a really interesting sound that I honestly have not heard before. I have no idea what type of music to categorize them as. It’s very animalistic and you feel like you’re listening to music from around the world but then combining it with modern electronic sounds. They were banging on this “book tree” that they had set up in the middle of the stage. I guess they were drums somehow but then they had real books on top of them and they were banging on them? Honestly not sure. But they did open their set with the classic Lion King song so they’re okay in my book I guess. They were interesting to say the least.


Then it was finally time for St. Lucia and we were not disappointed. After getting back into the swing of work now that summer has come and gone, and things not really going my way in the boy department, bouncing around to some 80s-inspired tunes was just what I needed. I’m not too sure what to categorize them as either. Their music gives you the vibes of 80s disco club meets techno meets caribbean vacation. Yeahh….that’s definitely it. The stage was decorated with cactuses to tout their new album and Jean-Phillip Grobler and his talented quartet absolutely killed it. I must say that I was the most excited for the two encore songs, All Eyes On You and Elevate. I know it’s super lame of me to like the most popular songs the most but hey ya can’t deny that they’re definitely jams.
All in all it was a great night. I enjoyed a great live performance in an intimate setting, had a spontaneous Tuesday night with Michele, and it got me out of my little funk. As far as my list of impulsive purchases goes, I’m definitely putting this one under the “Worth It” column. St. Lucia, I am a fan.


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